London Borough of Croydon

Nominate young people looked after by Croydon and care leavers for the 2019 star awards

The Croydon STAR Awards give families, professionals, educators and members of the community the opportunity to celebrate the success, talents, achievement and recognition of young people who are looked after by the London Borough of Croydon. The awards give these young people a unique opportunity to be acknowledged in a very public way at a high profile event in the autumn.

Croydon hosts one of the largest populations of young people who are looked after in the UK, each and every day they are doing amazing things all over the borough. Be it academic success, sporting talent, personal achievement or recognizing a hurdle they have overcome, they are all stars and these awards aim to reflect that.

Nominations are welcome from foster carers, educators, professionals, members of the community (including young people) who would like to recognize a looked after young person for something special they have done in the time they have been looked after or since leaving care.

We are aiming to recognize many young people aged 8-18 and care leavers to the age of 24, at this event. In this spirit we will consider each and every nomination submitted on the basis of what the person submitting has offered as a reason for the young person to be awarded.

We will work with professionals and dedicated teams to check that every nomination received is for a looked after child or care leaver and only those categories marked with an asterisk are intended to be decided by a panel – as we feel they are extra special.

Please read the award descriptions and criteria where relevant. Please complete your nomination form by midnight on Friday 4 October 2019.

For any queries, please contact Boris Rupnik:


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