Bootstrap JavaScript

Bootstrap components that require Javascript

Some Bootstrap components that include user interaction require JavaScript to function. You can read documentation here on JavaScript with Bootstrap 4.

  • Dismissing alerts
  • Buttons for toggling states and checkbox/radio functionality
  • Carousel for all slide behaviors, controls, and indicators
  • Collapse for toggling visibility of content
  • Dropdowns for displaying and positioning
  • Modals for displaying, positioning, and scroll behavior
  • Navbar for extending our Collapse plugin to implement responsive behavior
  • Tooltips and popovers for displaying and positioning
  • Scrollspy for scroll behavior and navigation updates

Custom JavaScript

To make the Croydon Council theme as open as possible we have worked towards the Bootstrap philosophy of HTML and CSS over JS, however for some complex custom components it has been necessary to develop some of our own JavaScript, these include:

  • Automatically adding icons to external links