These patterns bring together our style, components and content principles to provide a consistent user experience across Croydon's digital platforms.

We are constantly monitoring user feedback and hold a weekly meeting to discuss any inconsistency, broken user journeys, style or component issues.

Why consistency matters

By providing a consistent approach to our content and user experience, we help users navigate through multiple pieces of content and make it easier for them to complete tasks by:

  • referring to things by using the same words
  • using the same type of patterns across the website
  • writing naturally by using plain English

Address the important questions users have at the start

Make sure that all the important information is near the top rather than at the end of your page. Once a user has established that the page contains information that interests them, they are more likely to read the text properly.

Write clearly and deliver the facts

Are you providing the user with the information they need? Are you allowing them to complete the tasks they want to achieve? What do you want the user to find out from this page? Make this the most obvious part of your content.

Avoid overloading your pages

Keep paragraphs short and break text into chunks. Where possible, make use of subheadings and lists. If there is a large amount of text, break it up over more than one page. Link out to supporting information rather than trying to cram everything onto one page.

Focus on objectives

Content should always focus on what the user needs to achieve.

At the minimum, the user needs information from us. Other interactions should use the consistent Pay for it, Apply for it, Report it and Find it terms.

Ensure all interactions are clearly defined and signposted as popular tasks and in-page interactions.

GOV.UK style guide and Readability Guidelines

Our guidelines are largely based on: