We have created these guidelines to ensure we have a consistent and user-friendly experiences across all of Croydon's digital products.

The guidelines are continuously being updated and improved based on user feedback and data.

Using the guidelines

Each style, component and pattern is published with details of how to use them, along with the Bootstrap code and links to external guidance and user research. This should help you decide whether it’s something you can use or adapt for your service.

You will find a label at the top of each page to help you identify which patterns are currently experimental (being developed), and which have been finalised and made available for use.

ALPHA This is experimental and should not be used yet

BETA This will be available in a future release.

LIVE This is available for use in Drupal or can be replicated on other platforms

Styling and components for developers

Find out about:

  • how our interface is styled – get the look and feel of Croydon's digital products, for example colours, page templates and images.
  • the component we use – find the reusable parts of the user interface that have been made to support a variety of applications, for example, buttons

Content patterns and our publishing principles

The Croydon Digital Service (CDS) has a team of content designers who work to a core set of content design principles that are based on user research, data, the GOV.UK style guide and Readability guidelines.

Find out about:

Resources for developers

We have a resources section for developers that covers:

  • Drupal 8 releases and how to add new components
  • front end frameworks for Bootstrap
  • theming styles
  • heading and footer requirements

See the resources section.