London Borough of Croydon


We want to deliver the best possible customer service to you and to improve your quality of life locally at an affordable cost. We aim to meet your needs and give you more choice in how you access services from us.

Please give us your comments and ideas so we can continue to improve your experience.

Graham Cadle
Assistant chief executive customer and transformation

A welcoming and professional service

  • We will communicate with you clearly and make it easy for you to communicate with us.
  • We will consult you regularly, welcome your involvement and act on your comments wherever possible.
  • We will treat you fairly, respect your confidentiality and the trust you put in us.
  • We will review the Charter regularly and publish it and performance information on the council website.

Handling your enquiries

  • We aim to resolve your general enquiries immediately.
  • We will only refer your enquiry to someone else when this is absolutely necessary.
  • We will tell you who is dealing with your enquiry and how long it is expected to take.
  • We will contact you when we promise to.
  • We will advertise how you can access our services.

When you phone us

  • We aim to answer at least 80% of phone calls to our published numbers within 20 seconds.

When you write to us

  • We aim to provide a full written response to your letter within 10 working days. Where this is not possible we will acknowledge it and keep you informed of progress.
  • You will receive an automatic acknowledgement to all emails you send We aim to provide a full response within 5 working days. Where this is not possible we will keep you informed of progress.
  • We will enable you to use SMS (texting) to access more of our services.

Meeting with us

  • We aim to provide easy access to services at all our reception areas.
  • We aim to arrive promptly when visiting your home or premises, and will show you council identification.

Concerns and complaints

  • We aim to contact you promptly if you have raised any concerns about our service.
  • We will apologise and do our best to put things right if we have made a mistake.
  • We will handle complaints professionally in line with our published policy.

So we can help you, please …..

  • Provide us with all the information we need.
  • Inform us of any changes in your personal circumstances which may affect services we provide to you.
  • Let us know if you cannot attend your appointment on time.
  • Tell us when you are pleased with our service so we can understand what is important to you.
  • Support and respect our staff so they can serve you well.

Contacting Croydon

  • General enquiries, 020 8726 6000
  • Housing, 020 8726 6100
  • Environment reporting, 020 8726 6200
  • Registration services, 020 8726 6300
  • Children, youth, families and schools, 020 8726 6400
  • Social services for adults, 020 8726 6500
  • Business advice and council partners, 020 8726 6600
  • Life in the community, 020 8726 6700
  • Planning and building control, 020 8726 6800
  • Leisure and continuing education, 020 8726 6900
  • Revenue and benefits, 020 8726 7000
  • Streets and transport, 020 8726 7100
  • Email:
  • SMS (texting) : type the service you need, plus your message into your text and send to 60660

Would another format help?

If you would like the information in a different format, please ask a member of staff or use the contact details above.