London Borough of Croydon

Croydon Young Mayor - William Awomoyi

William Awomoyi

Croydon Young Mayor

Croydon Deputy Young Mayor - Shea Williams

Shea Williams

Croydon Deputy Young Mayor

In March 2018 more than 12,000 11 to 18 year olds headed to the polls to elect Croydon’s first Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor. 

Croydon is home to more young people than any other London borough and the Croydon Young Mayor represents over 37,000 young people – that’s 1 in 20 young people living in London.

The role

Croydon Young Mayor is elected for one year to represent the views of young people and encourage them to create opportunities around issues that matter to them and their communities.

To do this they: 

  • Listen and act on the views of young people in Croydon 
  • Encourage young people to be active citizens and champion democracy  
  • Recognise the value and potential in young people's ideas and fund them

Representing the young people of Croydon

The main role of the Young Mayor is to represent Croydon’s young people – regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender, class or sexuality – and promote their interests to the council, businesses, the wider community and other public service providers such as the NHS.

The Young Mayor has a calendar of civic engagements and meets regularly with the Mayor, councillors and council officers.

Championing active citizenship

The Young Mayor leads the Youth Cabinet. He or she works with the youth cabinet and other young people to voice their views and opinions on policy to decision makers across the borough.

The Young Mayor will also be able to campaign on issues that are important to young people in Croydon such as encouraging young people to engage with democracy and to have a say on local and national issues relevant to young people.

Setting up projects for young people

The Young Mayor will support young people and fund  projects that benefit the local community. These projects may come from the successful candidate’s manifesto or be ideas generated by the young people they represent.


Croydon Young Mayor


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