London Borough of Croydon

Who can register to vote?


You must live at the property that you are registering at.


You can register to vote at 16 although you cannot vote until you turn 18. If you were born before 30 Nov 1997 then make sure you are included on the register by adding your name and date of birth to the annual canvass form or by submitting a rolling registration form.


Students may be able to register at home and at their term-time address. So wherever you are on election day, you can have your say. You will need to complete a registration form and return it to the Electoral Registration Officer at your term-time local council.


Tenants should complete the registration form with their details. The landlord should not not register to vote at that address, unless they are living there too.

Second Homes

If you split your time equally between two properties then you are entitled to register at both properties. If not, then you should register at your main address and inform the Electoral Services team of the other address that it is a second home.


You must be a citizen of one of the following countries - even if you have the right to live here:

  • United Kingdom
  • Republic of Ireland
  • British Dependent Territories
  • Commonwealth countries
  • European Union countries

When completing your registration form, please make sure that you write your nationality in the nationality box. Not all nationalities have the same voting rights and therefore it is important that we have the correct information for each elector. If you are a former foreign national that has been granted British citizenship, please state British.

Hong Kong

Following its transfer to Chinese sovereignty on 1 July 1997, Hong Kong was deleted from the list of British Overseas Territories.

Any previous resident of Hong Kong who holds a British Dependent Territories, British Nationals (Overseas) or British Overseas passport meets the nationality criteria for all elections in the UK.

Any previous resident of Hong Kong who only has a Chinese Special Administrative Region passport is Chinese and may not register.


Electoral Services

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