London Borough of Croydon

Each year we are required by law to update the Register of Electors - this is called the annual canvass and takes place between August and November.

Every household is expected to respond, even if you have recently voted or registered. Please remember – if you are not registered to vote you cannot take part in any elections or referendums and you may be eligible for a fine.

The quickest and easiest way to respond is online at

You will need the security codes printed on the front page of your form.

Household enquiry form

From early August 2017 all households will receive an enquiry form through the post. This provides us with updated information about who is entitled to register to vote at your property. 

Please let us know by 18 August 2017 whether the information on the form is correct or tell us what needs to change.

The quickest and easiest way to respond is online at You will need the security codes printed on the front page of your form.

If the information on the Household Enquiry form is correct you will need to confirm your details


If you are unable to use any of these options, complete the form and post it back to us. Do not return the form if you’ve confirmed using one of the automated options above.

If you need to make changes to the information

The forms contain the details of electors who are currently registered at that address. You may need to change these details for a number of reasons, for example:

  • the people listed on the form no longer live there
  • you have changed your name (please note you will need to supply evidence)

You can easily add, remove or update someone’s details

If you do not have access to the internet you can amend the form and post it back to us.

Please do not forget to include anyone who is 16, 17 or 18.

If there is no one eligible to vote at your address then please state this on the form and sign the declaration.

Register to vote

Anyone added to the household enquiry form will also need to register themselves before they can appear on the register and vote in elections.

The easiest way to register is at

Where new names are added to the household enquiry form an invitation to register form will be sent out by post or emailed to those eligible to register.  A new elector will not appear on the electoral register until they have made a successful application by completing the invitation to register form.

If you voted in the recent general election and your details are correct on the household enquiry form then you do not need to register.

Electoral Registration Canvassers

During September 2017 electoral registration canvassers will be calling at households that have not responded to the household enquiry form or to collect individual registration forms.

The canvasser will have a copy of the form that each household or individual needs to complete and the canvasser will provide all help and assistance to ensure forms are correctly completed.

Each canvasser will be carrying official ID and will be wearing a hi-viz jacket with the words ‘Croydon Council Electoral Registration Canvasser’ printed on the reverse

If the canvasser calls at your address when you are not home they will leave a calling card and a further form for you to complete. Please complete it straightaway using one of the services as listed on the form. Once a response has been recorded, the canvasser will not need to call at your address again.

Publication of the revised Register of Electors

All the information received during the canvass will be used to compile a revised electoral register, to be published in December. To be included on the register we must receive your information by Wednesday 22 November.

Reasons to register

There are many reasons to register including:

  • to participate in elections and referendums and therefore influence those who make the decisions that affect you on a daily basis
  • it may be harder to obtain credit, mortgages, loans and so on if you don’t register - the electoral register is one piece of evidence used by the financial services industry when authorising applications
  • a quick response from you saves you and the council money, as the council won't have to pay canvassers to call at your property

Residents who have any questions on the electoral registration process should contact the elections’ team by email at: 

The form sent to my address has the names of people who do not live here, what do I do?

All forms contain the pre-printed details of electors who are currently registered at that address. If the people listed on the form no longer live there, you can update this information online or you can amend the form and return it to us.

I will be moving house soon, what should I do?

If you are moving house, and the property will be empty for a while, please cross out all the names printed, sign the form and return it to us. However, if there will be new people living in the property then please do not return the form.  Instead cross your names out and leave the form for the new occupiers to complete.  A form should be waiting for you at your new property but if not, contact your local Electoral Services Office for one to be sent to you. You can get their contact details from