The Ignite Fund

Croydon will be London Borough of Culture in 2023, with plans underway for a celebration of the borough’s unique identity, diverse communities and rich heritage, culture and creativity.

The Ignite Fund is our way of making the programme for This is Croydon accessible to artists and creative enterprise of all sizes. We want to make sure that every area of Croydon plays a part, and that all our communities and voices are represented. We want to hear from you and your ideas, be it theatre, dance, music, food, faith or any aspect of culture. 

About the Ignite Fund 

The Ignite Fund is an open grants scheme that will fund events ranging from large, tent-pole moments through to individual artists.  

Small and medium grants will be released later in the year. Subscribe to the Croydon Culture Network newsletter to keep updated.

We are currently accepting applications for large grants, of up to £50,000.

Ignite Fund application guidance 

As well as ensuring all of Croydon is part of the programme for This is Croydon, we also want the Ignite Fund to help deliver our long-term goals for the program. Any application that works towards these has a better chance of being funded, so when applying think about how your project could help: 

  • a fairer society 
  • a greener cultural sector 
  • healthier communities 
  • more active communities and citizens 
  • young people get more support 

Read the ignite fund guidance information (Word, 32KB)

Apply now 

Bid for funding using the Ignite Fund application form (Word, 81KB)

Due to high demand, we will be extending the closing date for the Ignite Fund to 12 August 2022. The Fund is open to any creative enterprise looking to deliver activities in Croydon Borough of Culture.

Please note if you miss the closing date, you can still email us at

We will be running a help session for organisations thinking of applying. If you have any questions please do get in touch.  Email us if you have further questions: