Governance Review privacy notice

Governance review 

The Labour administration made a commitment to hold an independent review of the council’s governance structure. A cross-party panel has been established to undertake the review and to report its findings to the council. The panel is led by an independent chair, Dame Moira Gibb.

Panel membership includes, Councillors Hamida Ali, Richard Chatterjee, Sean Fitzsimons, Clive Fraser, Simon Hall, Jason Perry, Joy Prince, Helen Redfern, Scott Roche; and Anne Smith (independent member from the Ethics Committee), and allows for the panel to involve independent experts to support the review either as non-voting co-optees or advisors.

For further information about the review visit Governance Review.

As part of evidence gathering the panel will undertake communication and engagement activities to seek the views of residents and stakeholders in the borough as well as experts in the governance field and those with experience of other models of governance. This activity is likely to result in collection and processing of personal data.

An administrative support team provides support to the review panel. This team is responsible for the day to day management and processing of the personal data processed by the review panel.

This privacy notice explains how the Governance Review will use your personal information, and how we protect your privacy in compliance with our requirements under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. By personal information, we mean information which, by itself or with other data, is available to Croydon council, and can be used to identify you. This notice applies to any activity involving our use of your personal data, for example, collecting, storing, sharing and destroying it.

For more general information about how the council uses your information and your data rights, please refer to the corporate privacy notice.

What information we collect

We may collect some or all of the following information about you:

  • name
  • contact details
  • preferred contact method
  • details of comments, concerns, opinions and information you may wish to bring to the attention of the Governance Review Panel

Why we collect your information

We use your data to:

  • receive, record and consider your feedback and comments
  • contact you seeking your views on the work and aims of the Governance Review (this may include online surveys)
  • improve our services and decision making processes
  • we do not make or use any automated (that is, without any human) decision-making including profiling

We do not send any information we collect about you outside the United Kingdom.

Who we share information with

The information you provide will be shared in the following ways:

  • your personal information and opinions expressed may be shared with specialist contractors that have been employed by the review panel for the specific purpose of supporting the work of the review; this would include the undertaking of research, surveys and contacting you to take part in surveys and related activities where your opinions will be sought
  • anonymised information will be shared with members of the review panel, in the form of reports, data sets and other forms of information which will be used by the review panel to inform the panel’s recommendations and council decision making bodies to make decisions and formulate policies about the future governance arrangements of the council
  • anonymised feedback and comments from any engagements undertaken by the review panel may be shared more widely or published as background information to the panel’s final report; personal data will be extracted ahead of any such information sharing or publication
  • if you contact a member of the review panel directly, this information, including your personal data, will be passed to the officers within the administrative support team and will form part of the personal data processed in accordance with this privacy notice

Storing this information

Personal data will not be retained, by either the council or a specialist consultant, for longer than necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected. Your personal data will be securely disposed of after 2 years following the issue of the closure report of the Governance Review.

The anonymised information, and that which was published in the form of reports, data sets and other forms of information considered by the review panel and other council decision making bodies, will be retained for at least 6 years.

We securely destroy all information once we have used it and no longer need it.

If you require more information about how long we keep your data, please contact the administrative support team at

Requesting access to your personal data

Under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, you have the right to request access to information that we hold about you. To make a request for your personal information, please contact the council’s Information Management Team at

Further information

The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 give you a number of rights to control what personal information is used. Information about your individual data rights is listed in the council’s corporate privacy notice.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way we collect, store or use your personal information, please contact in the first instance the administrative support team at

For independent advice about data protection issues, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office at

We reserve the right to amend this privacy notice at any time and will keep it under review. If we do make any changes, we will post the current version to our website at this address.

Last updated: April 2019