COVID-19 Outbreak Control Plan

Croydon’s Outbreak Control Plan details how we will work with our partners and the community to prevent and respond to local outbreaks of COVID-19.

Croydon’s local outbreak control plan outlines 5 steps to prevent, control and manage COVID-19 incidents and outbreaks. It describes our local whole system response and it has been developed with a wide range of stakeholders and overseen by Croydon COVID-19 Health Protection Board.

The aim of this plan
Is to:

  • build on existing plans to prevent and manage outbreaks in specific settings
  • ensure the challenges of COVID-19 are understood
  • consider the impact on local communities
  • ensure the wider system works together to contain the spread of infection locally.

This plan will be regularly updated, as further evidence emerges.

It has been signed off by the Croydon COVID-19 Health Protection Board, Croydon Council Chief Executive and Director of Public Health and Public Health England (PHE) Health Protection Team representative. It was first published on Monday 29 June 2020.

Supporting documents within the plan

These documents relate to the slides in the outbreak plan which provides further context.

If you adapt or use any of the below information or resources for your own purposes, we ask that you acknowledge Croydon Council.