Measuring progress and welcoming feedback

Measuring progress

Progress against this strategy overall will be tracked through existing corporate measurement frameworks. At a high level, we will report regularly on the following two metrics:

% of total demand met through digital self-service

This stands at approximately 30% at present and we aim to increase this year on year, towards the ambition set in this paper of 75% or higher.

This is a measure not just of our success in improving the quality of the council’s website and online services, but also in improving digital

inclusion and connectivity across the borough so that more residents are able to use digital services, and in transforming our internal technology and processes to remove removing barriers to user-centric service design.

% of staff completing digital confidence training

This stands at 0% at present and we aim to reach 100% of existing and new staff.

Specific deliverables which move us towards the commitments set out in this strategy are detailed on our roadmap at, using the format of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). This means each piece of work we undertake will have its own clearly defined objective and between 3 and 5 specific measures of success.

In addition, we routinely track and report on a set of internal Key Performance Indicators including service levels, take-up and user satisfaction for existing products and services.

Feedback on this strategy

We welcome feedback on any part of this strategy at any time. Please visit our blog at where you can comment in response to this strategy and all of our ongoing work, or you can email with any thoughts you may have.

We are grateful to everyone who shared their thoughts online or in person in the months before this strategy was published. You can read a summary of how your input helped to shape the strategy at