About the Mayor

The Council elected Councillor Sherwan Chowdhury to serve as Mayor of Croydon for 2021-2022. The Deputy Mayor is Councillor Felicity Flynn.

Introduction from the Mayor

It is a great honour for me to become the first citizen and the Mayor of Croydon. I am not a Croydonian by birth - for the past 42 years I have been one by choice. I came to the UK from Bangladesh in 1976 and made Epsom my home. I worked in Croydon and attended Friday prayers at the local mosque on Wellesley Road. Attracted by Croydon’s multiculturalism, I moved to Thornton Heath in 1979 and have been a Croydon resident since. 

I live in Norbury, an area I have represented as a councillor since 2006, with my wife, Rohema. Our daughter and two sons grew up and were educated locally. They are all happily married, and we are proud grandparents of five beautiful children.

Growing up, I was inspired by my father’s passion for community work. He was a community pharmacist, helping the poorest and most vulnerable access medical care. This inspired me to live a life which helped others. I became involved with local politics in 1990. When I first moved to Croydon, I opened a restaurant in Thornton Heath. Later I moved into the insurance industry as a branch manager for Alico in East Croydon. Realising my passion for helping people, I changed career to work within the social housing sector which I have now done for 26 years. My wife has worked locally as a teaching assistant for over 30 years.

In my personal life, I have always tried to support those who need that little extra help to reach their full potential. I am a first-generation immigrant who this country has given an opportunity, and I want to ensure that every person has the same or better. That they do not face discrimination in any form, and that they get that chance to explore and secure their aspirations and dreams. To aid this, I founded an education trust to help underprivileged children in areas from Croydon to rural villages in Bangladesh.

I was treasurer and vice-chair of Croydon Race Equality Council and helped the council promote race relations during the late eighties. I was also one of the founding directors of Croydon Race Equality Partnership. I am enormously proud of the Bangladesh Welfare Association Croydon - an organisation I helped establish and had the honour of being its general secretary and president. I have served as school governor for Winterbourne Boys for 14 years.

During this pandemic, our community has suffered the loss of many loved ones. COVID-19 did not discriminate, and we remember them. My priority is to help those who are suffering from their loss, while starting to lead us to a brighter, safer future. We can only get through this and come out of the other side stronger and better, by working together.

I currently represent Norbury Park Ward, and I take my role in Croydon’s leadership seriously. Croydon has faced some significant challenges in the last year and as Mayor my role will also be to reach out to communities and build trust in their local authority.

The Mayor of Croydon and the Mayor's charities

The Mayor of Croydon and the Mayor's charities 2021/2022 (PDF, 1.4 MB)

The Mayor's Parlour

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