Sustainable Economic Renewal Board

Details of the Sustainable Economic Renewal Board, part of the developing a sustainable economic recovery and renewal plan for Croydon.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the Leader and Cabinet took the decision to form a Sustainable Economic Renewal Board. The board will ensure the councils response focuses on the borough, residents and businesses recovering sustainably during these unprecedented times. This is a part of the Developing a sustainable economic recovery and renewal plan for Croydon as approved at Cabinet in June 2020. The board will lead and coordinate the borough’s renewal plan.

Board membership includes representation from the GLA as the council continues to work in partnership with the Mayor of London, LEPs, education, Croydon businesses, developers and others.

The board has met three times since June and will continue to meet to ensure the recovery of our borough in these troubling times.

Terms of reference

Download the Sustainable Economic Renewal Board terms of reference (PDF, 66 KB)