Latest Government advice

National restrictions are in place – check what you can and cannot do.

Clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV)

The government has announced that advice to Shield will be paused nationally on 1 April. Clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) people will no longer be required to Shield.

The government is advising that CEV people continue to take extra precautions to protect themselves. CEV people are advised to follow practical steps to minimise their risk of exposure to the virus.

These are: 

  • still work from home if you can, but if that is not possible, you can return to the workplace
  • you will no longer be advised to avoid shops or pharmacies, but you are advised to take precautionary steps (such as shopping and travelling at quieter times of the day)
  • to keep social contact at low levels. 
  • children who are CEV are advised to return to school and college 

The latest published guidance is here, but new guidance is due soon.

In addition to this advice, CEV people must continue to follow the rules that are in place for everyone during the pandemic. Read GOV.UK's roadmap out of lockdown.

Shopping for food and essential supplies

Whilst you are not advised to avoid going to the shops, you may wish to continue using online delivery for food and essential shopping, or to rely on family and friends. If you do go out to the shops or pharmacy, you should consider going at quieter times of the day. You must wear face coverings in all shops unless you are exempt.

Any CEV person who has priority access as of 31 March will retain it until at least 21 June 2021. In one of the participating supermarkets.

If you are struggling to find a suitable delivery slot, there may be greater availability of click and collect slots than delivery slots. You could consider booking one of these slots either: 

  • asking friends or family to collect your shopping
  • asking a volunteer to collect your shopping
  • collect yourself (using this service means that you will be less exposed to others than doing a shop yourself)

If you're at high risk and need urgent support

The NHS Volunteer Responders Programme is providing support with food, prescriptions and essential items to those who are self-isolating for any reason. This also includes anyone that is CEV, or anyone that is vulnerable for another reason.

They can support in the following ways: 

  • collecting shopping, medication (if your friends and family cannot collect them for you) or other essential supplies.
  • a regular, friendly phone call, which can be provided by different volunteers each time or by someone who is also shielding and will stay in contact for several weeks
  • transport to medical appointments

Please call 0808 196 3646 between 8am and 8pm to arrange support. More information is available at 

Help with prescriptions

If you don't currently have your prescriptions collected or delivered you can arrange this by:

  • asking someone who can pick up your prescription from the local pharmacy
  • contacting your pharmacy to ask them to help you find a volunteer (who will have been ID checked) or deliver it to you - find your local pharmacy
  • asking your hospital care team about collecting or delivering your hospital specialist medication

Other support

If you need urgent help or assistance, please call Croydon Council on 020 8604 7787.

If you are having trouble getting through, please complete our Coronavirus support form.

You can also visit our support for hardship or difficulties page which has advice for residents who are experiencing hardship as a result of Coronavirus.