Overview of national fund

The COVID Winter Grant Scheme is new government funding issued to local authorities, to support those most in need with the cost of food, and energy bills.

Croydon has been allocated a sum which will support families and vulnerable adults at risk of food or fuel poverty between now and March 2021.

Support for families in receipt of free school meals (FSM)

Every child in a Croydon maintained school or academy, who is in receipt of benefit-related free school meals, will be eligible for a £30 supermarket voucher for the 2 week Christmas school holiday. They will also be eligible for a £15 supermarket voucher for the 1 week spring half term break in February 2021. You need to contact your child's school for support during half term holidays.

Criteria for general support with food and utility top ups 

Food Vouchers

If your child qualifies for free school meals you do not need to apply to the council for food vouchers during the Christmas and February half term. Schools are providing vouchers direct to eligible households.

Utility top ups

There is no automatic award amount and this service is for families that are financially struggling, plus meet the criteria below. Families must be in receipt of one or more of the following benefits:

  • income support
  • income or contribution-based jobseeker's allowance
  • income-related or contribution-based employment and support allowance
  • pension credit
  • universal credit
  • working tax credit
  • child tax credit
  • any disability benefit
  • housing benefit
  • council tax support

Evidence needed to be provided:

  • proof of entitlement to benefit above
  • bank statement or mini bank statement

Support offered

If food support is required:

Resident would choose the supermarket vouchers they want (Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda or Morrison's). Vouchers would be emailed to them to use at the chosen supermarket. 

Please note

multiple requests from the same household may result in a referral to their local foodbank.

Applications received after the government funds have been spent, will also result in a referral to the local foodbank.

If utility top ups required:

Resident would be sent a code via text message to take to their local PayPoint provider to top up.

Apply to the Croydon discretionary fund

Download a Croydon discretionary fund application (PDF, 376 KB)

Please return your completed form to:

Discretionary support team
Email: dhp2@croydon.gov.uk


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