London Borough of Croydon

Support for people affected by the Grenfell Tower fire

The Department for Communities and Local Government have published support and information for all those affected by the fire, including urgent advice and support for victims, their friends and families, mental health support, bereavement support, air quality and smoke exposure and how you can help.

Melanie Henrietta Dawes, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Communities and Local Government has written to owners, landlords and managers of private residential blocks about safety checks

Frequently asked questions

How many tower blocks does Croydon Council own?

We have 39 tower blocks (housing blocks over 6 storeys). The 25 tallest are 10 – 12 storeys high (Over 30 metres)

Do Croydon Council-owned tower blocks meet fire safety standards?

Yes. Since the Grenfell Tower tragedy we have double checked fire safety in all 39 of our tower blocks, and they all continue to meet London Fire Brigade standards.

Does the council have any concerns about cladding or other materials used in council-owned tower blocks?

16 of the council’s 39 tower blocks have cladding. We can confirm these are good-quality, fire-retardant and contain different materials to the kind used at Grenfell Tower.

What further measures is the council taking to improve fire safety in blocks?

At its cabinet meeting on 19 June, the council announced it will invest an estimated £10m in installing fire sprinklers in the council’s 25 tallest blocks with 10, 11 or 12 storeys.

When will this work happen?

The council has invited specialist private companies to bid for the contract, and work is expected to start in the autumn. See the Installation of sprinkler systems for more information

Will blocks that are shorter than 10 storeys get extra fire safety improvements?

Once we have completed work on the tallest 25 blocks, we will consider further blocks. We believe that the government should be supporting local authority investment in fire safety and we have written to the government to ask for a contribution.

I live in a high-rise block. What do I do if I am worried about fire safety?

Contact your caretaker or a tenancy officer, who will investigate your concerns fully.  You can also visit the London Fire Brigade website to see up-to-date guidance on what to do in a fire and other fire safety advice.

What about privately owned blocks over 10 storeys?

The government is in contact with private blocks to ensure they are testing their cladding and also their fire safety regulations. Find out more at Fire safety advice for tenants from the London Fire Brigade can be found at

Is Croydon council helping those who have been made homeless by the fire at Grenfell Tower? 

We have offered the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea help with accommodating people made homeless by the Grenfell Tower fire.