London Borough of Croydon

What makes anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (asb) is behaviour which causes harassment, distress or alarm to other people, this includes:

  • graffiti
  • fly tipping (dumped rubbish)
  • abandoned cars
  • verbal or racial abuse
  • drug dealing or misuse
  • vandalism 
  • act in a manner that causes harassment, distress or alarm to others
  • act in an intimidating manner as part of a large group

How to report anti-social behaviour

Contact the police or the council.

If you need an emergency response, call 999.

For incidents that do not require an emergency response call the police on 101.

Alternatively, visit the police safer neighbourhood teams website.

If you have been affected by anti-social behaviour, you can also contact the council's anti-social behaviour team. In all cases the council and the police work together with other partner agencies to help stop anti-social behaviour.

What you should you do if you are experiencing anti-social behaviour

Victims and witnesses of persistent anti-sociable behaviour are encouraged to keep a diary detailing as much information as possible, including dates, times and the effect the behaviour has on you. This information will be used to help build a strong case against the person(s). Details of the impact of the behaviour may include information from neighbours, family and friends.

Report what you see to the council's anti-social behaviour unit or the police.

Croydon council, the police, and registered social landlords have many ways to tackle anti-social behaviour. Acceptable behaviour agreements have achieved a 90 per cent success rate in Croydon. In more serious cases, anti-social behaviour orders (ASBOs) can be issued. Breach of an ASBO is a criminal offence. It is also possible to apply to the courts for closure orders for properties where drug dealing and anti-social behaviour have been taking place.


Antisocial Behaviour Team

020 8726 6000
Address Line:

Bernard Weatherill House

8 Mint Walk




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