London Borough of Croydon

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What is Go ON Croydon?

Go ON Croydon is a year-long programme led by Croydon Council to make sure that everyone in our borough has Basic Digital Skills. We are the first London borough to partner with doteveryone. By working with them, our partners and their networks, we will reach right across Croydon to; residents, businesses, community groups, charities and voluntary organisations. To make sure they have the skills to benefit and prosper from the internet and digital world..Who are the Go ON Croydon partners?

The national partners supporting the project include; Age UK, Argos, BBC, Big Lottery Fund, EE, Eon, Lloyds Banking Group, Post Office, Sage and Talk Talk. Our local Croydon partners include community and faith groups, charities and voluntary sector organisations. All our partners are working to spread the message of the benefits of Basic Digital Skills, through initiatives and activities that will boost the digital skills of employees, customers and communities across Croydon.

What will the project do?

It will highlight and promote the opportunities available online, and how the internet can benefit the lives and livelihoods of people. A wide variety of activities will be offered as part of the Go ON Croydon initiative throughout the year. For example Digital Zones aimed at developing or increasing the level of Basic Digital Skills among the population of Croydon.

What are Basic Digital Skills?

They are key skills that are needed to benefit fully from the internet by using computers, laptops or other devices such as tablets and smartphones. There are five Basic Digital Skills; Managing Information, Communicating, Transacting, Problem Solving and Creating. Gaining these skills enables people to do things such as; use a search engine, send an email or online message, or complete an online application form.

Why is getting online important?

In London one in four people don’t have Basic Digital Skills, which means they don’t have access to the growing number of services, products, information and support that is available online. Whether it is applying for jobs, making new friends, saving money, exploring personal interests, or keeping in touch with people or services, our ambition is that no one in Croydon is left behind. Through Go ON Croydon we want to ensure that everyone in our borough has the opportunity to be included. To help with this Digital Zones will be opening up across Croydon. Find out more about Digital Zones