London Borough of Croydon

Since 2010 there has been a national and local debate about what Localism and the Big Society means to people. The council has spoken with residents, community groups and businesses, who said the key values they feel are most important to the borough are transparency, accountability and fairness.

Croydon's new Stronger Communities Strategy 2011-14 sets out the steps and actions the council and its partners will take to ensure these values will be a part of everything we do, so that local people are empowered to have greater control over their own lives and the choices they make for themselves, their families and communities.

It sets out our aspirations for Croydon as a place noted for its openness and community spirit where all people are welcome to live and work and where individuals and communities feel empowered. This strategy is about practical ideas that make a real difference to peoples’ day to day lives.