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Check and send service

Our service will help you to complete your application for British citizenship. For a fee we will:

  • check that your application is completed · 
  • ensure that you have the required documents.
  • check and certify copies of your supporting documents
  • send your application(s) and fees to the Home Office by special delivery post.

The 'check and send' service is not available for:

  • final settlement (indefinite leave to remain)
  • application for residency card.


  • ​Adult application £50.00
  • Child application £25.00 (under the age of 18).

Fees payable by credit/debit card.

Please note: these fees are on top of the fee payable to the Home Office.

To book an appointment online:  appointment for NCS 

Application forms

There are two forms which can be downloaded from the Home Office website

  • Adult application - form AN
  • Child application - form MN1

You must complete one form for each adult and one form for each child.  Full guidance notes can also be downloaded from the Home Office website

Home Office application fee (from April 2016):

adult application - £1,236 each
child's application - £936 each.

Fees can be paid by:

  • cheque (payable to the accounting officer, Home Office) or
  • providing the relevant credit/debit card details on the application form. Please give the completed form to checking officer at the interview.


Ensure that you have the following:

  • guidance notes and application form for each adult / minor
  • passport(s) covering the last five years of your presence in this country. Or other documtented evidence to show this (letters from employers, etc.) 
  • 'Knowledge of life in UK' certificate plus the extra qualification. Please see guidelines (not required for any children under 18)
  • 'Indefinite leave to remain' or 'indefinite leave to enter' stamp for the last 12 months.   If you are married to a British citizen you only need to be free from immigration restrictions on the day you apply.
  • proof you were in the UK five years before the application date
  • your marriage certificate/civil partnership schedule if applicable (with translation if needed)
  • cheque, credit or debit card for the Home Office fee. Payable to the accounting officer, Home Office
  • credit/debit card, for nationality checking service
  • Passport and full birth certificate of any children included in the application. (With translation if needed)

please note: All adult applicants must attend the appointment. Life in the UK / ESOL certificates are not required for any children under 18.

What happens next

You will receive an invitation to enrol your biometrics. Please be aware, you only have 15 days in which to complete this. If you do not do this within the 15 days of the invitation your application could be rejected. This invitation is usually sent within two months of the receipt of your application. 



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