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What is childminding?

Childminding is one to three people looking after children on domestic premises for more than two hours in any one day for reward.

Domestic premises means where a person lives, usually the home of one of the childminders. Reward means any form of payment between two people; this is usually money but can include goods or reciprocal care arrangements.

Do childminders have to be registered

Yes, the law states that a person looking after children under the age of eight years, in a childminder's home, for a total of two hours a day, for reward, must be registered with Ofsted.

Childminders must meet specific standards relating to:

  • their suitability to look after children
  • the safety and suitability of their premises, furniture and equipment
  • their planning and organisation
  • the records, policies and procedures required
  • the welfare, and learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Checks are made on applicants and all members of their households over the age of 16 to make sure they are suitable to work or be in contact with children.

Ofsted will inspect you at regular intervals and publish your report on its website.

What other requirements do childminders need?

  • A DSB (disclosure and barring service) previously known as CRB check.
  • A health declaration signed by their GP.
  • A relevant first aid certificate.


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