London Borough of Croydon

We are aware of the increased pressure on our voluntary and community sector (VCS) as a result of the coronavirus. Here are details of the support available to our VCS community.

Croydon’s VCS COVID-19 emergency fund

This fund is available to VCS groups who are going above and beyond their normal activities and as a result, are facing financial challenges. Some examples of costs this fund can cover are:

  • delivering services directly to residents
  • additional supplies such as food, containers and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • volunteer expenses
  • additional staffing costs

Where organisations have sufficient reserves to continue to deliver existing activities, the council expects them to draw on these before applying for this funding.

This fund is only available to fund activities that are already underway, not new proposals.

There is no minimum bid amount as many activities will only require small amounts of money to be delivered. We want to ensure this money goes as far as possible. We have received a high number of bids already. To increase your chances of a successful bid and to help us keep this fund open as long as possible, please only apply for what you really need rather than the maximum bid amount. 

Please note, if you are successful and your project involves providing food, one of the acceptance conditions is that we will ask you to provide us with the names and addresses of those receiving the food (amendments to Government legislation have been put in place to allow data sharing to support the response to the outbreak). We need to know which organisations are supporting which residents so we have data to:

  • share with agencies supporting food supply/distribution in order to get more support;
  • bid for more funding for our VCS if we can;
  • keep track of which residents are in need of support so, if for whatever reason, the VCS organisation can no longer provide for the residents, the Council can ensure they are still supported.

New, small and informal groups that have come together in response to COVID-19 can apply for up to £5,000. Larger, more established groups with terms of reference, formal accounting and other structures in place can apply for up to £10,000. 

To apply, download our form and return your completed form to

Support for VCS groups that pay rent to the council

VCS groups that occupy council-owned buildings and are struggling to pay rent to the council can request a temporary rent payment deferral. Please email with your request or for more information.

VCS groups who occupy council-owned buildings but pay their rent to a third party landlord, such as Croydon Voluntary Action, should contact their landlord to discuss arrangements.  

Other VCS COVID-19 funding available

London Community Response Fund: The Mayor of London has joined City Bridge Trust and London Funders to launch the first wave of this fund. Grants of up to £10,000 are available to local groups to provide food and essentials to London's most vulnerable.

Coronavirus Emergency Fund: launched by The Charities Aid Foundation, this fund is providing grants of up to £10,000 to charities, social enterprises and other community groups to help them continue to deliver much-needed support within communities.

The UFI Charitable Trust: the Trust is a grant-funding body, focussed on delivering an increase in vocational learning. The Trust is making grants of between £10,000 and £25,000 available to help training providers move towards remote learning. Applications close on 6 April 2020.

South London Partnership Funding update April 2020

Croydon Voluntary action Funding for Support during Coronavirus Outbreak

Support for VCS groups in serious financial difficulty

VCS groups that were struggling financially before this crisis, and are now concerned that they cannot continue to provide services, can contact to see if any further support is available.


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