London Borough of Croydon

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The purpose of the Community Fund

The Council works closely with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) to ensure that we collectively deliver better outcomes for the residents of Croydon. In working towards this aim, the Council engaged with more than 200 voluntary organisations to help develop the Community Fund programme. The Community Fund is worth £2.6m per annum and organisations can bid for up to 3 years of funding to deliver valuable services across the borough. From June 6th, we will be accepting bids from voluntary groups that exceed £15k per annum. Bids for under £15k can be submitted from Sep 1st.

What type of bids is the Council looking to fund?
We are looking for bids that achieve one or more of the following:

  1. People live long, healthy, happy and independent lives
  2. Prevention Fund (primarily, but not exclusively for projects to support older people with a view to preventing, reducing or delaying care and support needs. Services should be available to all adults, based on need rather than age.)
  3. Our children and young people thrive and reach their full potential
  4. Access to homes and prevention of homelessness
  5. Everyone feels safer in their street, neighbourhood and home.
  6. Everybody has the opportunity to work and build their career

How to apply and access Support

Please visit Value Croydon for additional information, access to the Council’s comprehensive support package and to apply for funding today! 


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