London Borough of Croydon

Ward Budgets

Community Ward Budget programme was agreed by Cabinet on 22 June 2015. This programme is building on the local democratic process to provide greater choice in how things happen within each ward.  In Croydon there are many great success stories of how local communities can work together in solving problems or improving the places where they live.  The results so far, outweigh the small investments required to achieve these successes . This Programme seeks to harness that success and energy to deliver the things that matter to our residents in the wards that they call their home.

Each ward councillor is allocated a budget to spend locally. The cost of the Community Ward Budget programme for 2016/2017 was £288,000. Ward Members were granted £4,000 each except for Field way and New Addington who had £6,000 each, giving a total of £12,000.00 to allocate in every ward. Councillors had discretion on how the budget was spent. for transparency, councillors had to publish details of how the budgets were spent and what outcomes had been achieved.

This year’s (2017/2018) ward budget is £576,000, giving each councillor £8,000 to allocate, making a total of £24,000 to every ward.

What Community Budgets can Fund

Members are ensuring local priorities are being met. The money could be spent on community events and projects such as;

  • Refurbishing or cleaning up parts of a local area.
  • Big Lunches / Fun Days
  • Supporting local scouts /guide group for a specific activity
  • Purchase of new street signs or furniture

Ward boundaries are not a constraint if your idea cuts across more than one ward, we can consider pooling resources

What Community Budgets cannot Fund

We cannot support:

  • projects that might be in conflict with statutory functions of the council.
  • projects that conflict with council decision or proposed course of action (e.g. to lobby against a planning application).
  • projects with an ongoing cost implication (e.g. planting scheme that requires future maintenance from the council).

Apply Now

To apply for ward budget, contact your local ward Councillor with your proposal.

Projects Funded 

We will publish an Annual Report every summer setting out the projects funded and the outcomes achieved in each ward. 

You can view the ward reports for 206/17 year below



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