The Safer Croydon Partnership has implemented four drinking ban zones in the following wards:

  • Fairfield (Town Centre)
  • New Addington
  • South Norwood
  • Thornton Heath.

A downloadable map for each of the four areas is available below.

How do they work?

The correct term for a drinking ban zone is a Designated Public Place Order. These were introduced as part of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001. Prior to implementing a drinking ban zone, consultation must take place with the police and local residents, businesses and all of the licensed premises within the proposed area. Within the designated area, alcohol consumption is restricted in any open space, other than licensed premises.

It is important to note that this is a discretionary power, so where alcohol is being consumed without causing a problem (e.g. a family picnic in the park) the police would be unlikely to take action.

What happens to people who don't comply?

People are required to hand over alcohol in their possession when requested to do so by a police officer. The police officer will generally dispose of the alcohol by pouring it away. Failure to surrender alcohol on request may result in an arrest.

Why are the zones in place?

Although the vast majority of people drink and behave responsibly, a small minority of individuals engage in alcohol related crime and disorder, causing distress to others and generally creating a negative impact on local communities. The legislation give extra power to the police to help them deal with alcohol related problems.

What else does the Safer Croydon Partnership do to reduce alcohol related crime and disorder?

The Partnership regularly monitors all licensed premises. Those linked to regular outbreaks of alcohol related disorder are closed. Those responsible for these premises are given eight weeks to implement an action plan with the partnership to eliminate the problems. If the premises complied with the recommendations in this period the premises can be re-opened.

The Safer Croydon Partnership also works closely with the Turning Point to engage with vulnerable individuals such as street drinkers and provide support and access into treatment services.

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