London Borough of Croydon

The Croydon Good Employer Charter aims to boost the local economy through support to the local supply chain, creation of job opportunities and ensuring employees are paid a fair wage.

Our mission

To build a network of Good Employers that do business responsibly, enabling both our employers and our employees to benefit as our economy grows. Our work will support the success of our local economy through using local supply chains, creating job opportunities, ensuring employees are paid a fair wage and promoting equality and diversity.

Through our efforts we will change the lives of Croydon’s citizens and shape the identity of our borough, making it a place that thrives for its people.

Visit the Croydon Good Employer Charter website for more information.

Pay Living Wage

Paying the Living Wage is one of charter’s the mandatory requirements. Charter signatories will commit to paying their employees the Living Wage and/or gain Living Wage or Living Wage Service Provider accreditation.

The Living Wage Foundation will work in partnership with charter signatories to identify their needs and take them through the steps to become a Living Wage Employer. 

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that receive Living Wage accreditation will be offered a one-off discretionary business rates discount for their first year of membership

To become an accredited Croydon Good Employer or If you are already an accredited Living Wage employer and would like to sign up to the charter email