London Borough of Croydon

The Home Office states that CCTV surveillance is particularly valuable when used as part of a wider crime reduction strategy, thus strengthening partnership with the local police.

Pictures from the cameras are continuously monitored at the council's communications centre. The police are informed of suspicious incidents as they arise and can be directed to the exact location by CCTV operators.

Types of offences that can lead to arrests include:

  • shoplifting
  • pick-pocketing
  • possession of drugs
  • assault
  • unauthorised taking of motor vehicles
  • public order offences.


Aside from the disadvantage of not attending school, youngsters can also get into serious trouble if they hang around unsupervised on the streets.

We make good use of the CCTV cameras installed in the town centres to spot truants and then send education officers and police officers to apprehend them and return them to school. Stopping truants from missing out on vital schooling is a major part of our work.


CCTV cameras are also being used to catch domestic and trade litterers in the act. Those who refuse to pay their fines will end up in court.