London Borough of Croydon

What you need to know

What is council tax support?

The Croydon Council CTS scheme  protects the borough’s most vulnerable households. The following groups will not be expected to contribute to their Council Tax Bill but everyone else including those on other benefits will have to make a contribution. 

  • pensioners
  • people that are in receipt of disability living allowance or employment support allowance
  • people that are in receipt of income support
  • single parents with a child or children aged under five

*Please note that customers in the above groups may have a reduction in their entitlement because of other adults (non dependants) in the household. For more details please see point 4 below.

What what you need to know

Cut off limits on savings - council tax support will not be paid to those with savings of £8000 or more.

Cut off limits on property - people receive support for council tax according to their property. This will now be restricted. For example, if you live in a Band E property, you would receive no more council tax support than the equivalent of a Band D property.

Everyone will pay something – everyone of working age, and not in one of the protected groups above, will be asked to contribute towards council tax.

All working-age people not working, and not in one of the protected groups, will pay at least 15% of their council tax liability. This is approximately £3.50 per week.

Everyone in the household to contribute - Other adults living in a household who are not the main taxpayer or their partner will be asked to contribute to meeting the cost of council tax for the property.

The amount that other adults living in the property contribute towards the council tax will increase to 40%, which equates to a further £1.30 per week.

Other adults living in the property, who receive jobseekers allowance or are a student, currently do not make a contribution towards council tax. They will now pay £3.50 per week.

The second-adult rebate scheme has been abolished. This is where a person who is working and not receiving council tax benefit but has another adult occupier in their property that is on a low income has been able apply for up to a 25% reduction in council tax.

It pays to work – the scheme supports and encourages people to work by increasing the sums they can earn before their benefit is reduced. The amount that people are allowed to keep will increase by £10 per week.  See the Finding a job factsheet below for help and advice.


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