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Scams Awareness Month 2017 takes place in July, this year.  Scams Awareness Month 2017

Croydon Trading Standards will be working in partnership with the Citizens Advice service to promote the campaign. The central message for this year is “Play your part, act on scams” We want to reduce the risk and impact

of scams by raising awareness and encouraging people to take action- recognizing, reporting and talking about the issues. By reporting scams it can help the authorities with the information they need  to stop scams and prevent others from falling victim.

This year the campaign, content and messaging speaks directly to groups of people who are the most targeted  or vulnerable to scams. Each week the campaign focuses on a particular group.

  • Week 1 (week commencing 3 July)  Life established (40s – 60s) statistics show that people in the age group between 40 and 60 are the most affected by scams, due to the fact that they are most likely to report scams, and this group is more settled and has access to financial assets. Likely to be targeted by scams such as pension scams, dating scams and property scams.
  • Week 2 (week commencing 10 July) Young People  (18-24) there has been a sharp rise in the number of under 25s hit by scams. Young people are found to be a growing proportion of victims of online an identity fraud. Citizens Advice research also shows that over half of young people are unlikely to report scams.
  • Week 3 (week commencing 17 July) The Socially isolated. People who are socially isolated can be the hardest to reach and often aren’t able to access the same support, advice and help that others can. This group makes up a smaller number of cases of reported scams they often have high levels of detriment, not just in the amount of money lost, but the overall impact on health and wellbeing.
  • Week 4 (week commencing 24 July) over 70’s. Scam victims over 70 have the highest detriment from a number of different types of scam. They tend to fall victim most to phone and mail scams and figures from National Trading Standards show that older people are deliberately targeted more so than other demographics. This group also sees the largest proportion of people who are re-occurring victims of scams.

Further information and resources can be found at the Citizen's Advice webpage

We want to ensure that Croydon residents are informed, confident consumers, alert to the dangers of scams, assertive in dealing with out of the blue telephone calls, or scam mail, and are decisive about what to do next.

We will be carrying out talks to Community groups, working with banks in Croydon and working with residents who have responded to scammers in the past, helping them to tackle scams.


Croydon Trading Standards will be at the venues below providing free advice on tackling scams and avoiding doorstep crime.

  • On Friday 7 July Croydon Trading Standards will be at Natwest Bank, 40 Whitgift Centre, Croydon from 12pm until 2pm
  • On Wednesday 12 July Croydon Trading Standards and the Citizens Advice will be at Croydon Central library Katharine Street, Croydon CR9 1ET from 12pm until 2pm  
  • On Friday 14 July Croydon Trading Standards will be at Natwest Bank, 1 High Street, Croydon from 12pm until 2pm
  • On Friday 21 July Croydon Trading Standards will be at Barclays Bank, Ambassador House, 1 Brigstock Road, Thornton Heath, from 12pm until 2pm

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