London Borough of Croydon

From mid-August, Croydon Council will be conducting a review of empty properties. To find out more, please read through the following FAQs:

What is the CapacityGRID review?

Croydon Council is working in partnership with CapacityGRID in order to review any properties which are shown on the council tax records as being empty for the past three months or more.

Why is the review happening?

The purpose of the review is to check whether properties have become occupied so that we can ensure the council's records are as accurate as possible.

What is CapacityGRID?

CapacityGRID is a specialist public sector service provider. It works with local authorities to conduct a review of empty properties. CapacityGRID is the trading name of Liberata UK Ltd (Registered in England and Wales - No 1238274).

The council has decided to involve an external provider in this review in order that council resources can be focused on maximising collection of council tax, while still ensuring that this important review is carried out and the council’s records are as accurate as possible.

Why have I been sent a letter?

Your property has been identified as being unoccupied for at least three months.

The council has a legal duty to maintain accurate records for billing and collection of council tax, and the purpose of this letter is to ensure the council’s records are correct.

What do I need to do?

Please respond within two weeks of the date of the letter so that the council can update its records. You can do this by completing the online CapacityGrid - Occupancy form or completing and returning the form enclosed with the letter.

What will happen if I don't respond to the letter?

A reminder letter will be issued, followed by a property inspection if there is still no response. It is important that an up-to-date status is recorded for every property identified as part of the review.

My property is unoccupied and I need help to make it fit to occupy - what can I do?

There are loans and grants available through the council's empty property service. Visit the Reporting an empty property page to learn more.

Does CapacityGRID have legal authority to undertake the review on behalf of the council?

Yes. In accordance with The Local Authorities (Contracting Out of Tax Billing, Collection and Enforcement Functions) Order 1996, the council may use a contractor to take measures to ascertain whether premises are accurately recorded for billing and collection of council tax.

How does CapacityGRID intend to use any information that I provide?

Information obtained by CapacityGRID and its review partners during the course of the empty homes review will be shared solely with the council. CapacityGRID is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Further Information

If you need further information regarding the empty homes review, please call CapacityGRID on 0845 241 9565. Lines are open between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If you have a general query about your council tax account, please call 020 8726 7000, option 1.