Home monitoring and personal alarms

How to get telecare monitoring and alarm systems to have in your home or carry with you.

Telecare services will let people know if you have an accident or problem in your home. Croydon Council's telecare service is called Carelineplus. We offer it to a wide range of people, such as:

  • older people 
  • disabled people
  • people who are at risk of falls or injuries at home

Types of telecare equipment

We offer different kinds of equipment depending on your needs, and will tailor them to suit you.

Our basic telecare package is a unit with a button that can be worn as a pendant or on a wrist strap. Pressing the button will call the response centre and you can to speak to them through the unit.

If you need a little more support at home or you're unable to press a button, we have a range of telecare equipment that may help.

Our equipment is designed to prompt and assist you with your everyday activities, and will alert us when you need help. Equipment includes:

  • fall sensors
  • wandering systems 
  • GPS devices
  • bed, chair, and floor sensors
  • epilepsy sensors

Response centre

Carelineplus's response centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can send someone out to check on you at home. If they receive an alert, they will:

  • check the monitors
  • try to contact you
  • send someone to your property if they can’t get a response
  • contact emergency services, your family, or support workers if needed


  • help and support when you need it
  • low cost monitoring and response services
  • helps you stay independent
  • reassurance for family and friends
  • free maintenance and repairs

How to get a monitor

To talk to us about Carelineplus, please call 0208 654 7166.

To book an installation or a demo, please complete our online form.

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Cost of Carelineplus

Download the list of charges (DOC, 52KB)

You may be able to get all or some of your costs covered. To find out you will need to apply for a financial assessment.


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