Disability support

Advice, social care and support for people with physical or learning disabilities, long-term illness or injuries.

We provide advice and support to disabled people and their carers. We can also put you in touch with support in your community.

Our aim is to support you to live as independently as possible, to have control of your care, and to stay active and well.

We support people with:

  • physical disabilities
  • long-term illness
  • acquired brain injury
  • learning disabilities¬†or difficulties

Depending on the kind of support you need, we can:

  • put you in touch with local support groups
  • support you to live independently
  • provide day and evening support through our Active Lives programme
  • help you to purchase a person-centred package of care
  • arrange support at home or short breaks away for people who live with family carers
  • arrange supported housing or other accommodation, such as residential care
  • support disabled people who also have a mental health diagnosis
  • advise and support people to keep safe
  • support you with health needs, including eating or weight problems

How to get support

You can follow our step-by-step process for getting support. This will take you through:

  • telling us about your situation and choosing the support you need
  • any costs that may come with the support, and how to pay them

When you request support, we will offer you the support that suits your needs best, not just the type you apply for. 

Start now

For day and evening support for people with physical and learning disabilities or autism, you can also get in touch directly with the Active Lives team: ActiveLivesReferrals@croydon.gov.uk

Other support organisations

Croydon People First: a user-led community support organisation

VoiceAbility: an advocacy service that can provide support on your behalf.