Active Lives offers day and evening support opportunities for adults with:

learning disabilities

physical disabilities


Every person we work with will get support tailored to them, whether it’s at a hub like The Cherry Hub or out and about through our outreach services. 

Outreach means we go out into the community with the people we support to do things that matter to them, whether that’s building up the confidence to go to the shops, taking part in a hobby, or simply going to the pub with friends.

Our teams are skilled at identifying people’s needs and supporting them to achieve what matters to them personally. We don’t decide what disabled people should do. Instead, we work with them to learn about what they value and enjoy, whether that’s family, friends, hobbies, religion, or any other thing they care about. 

Sessions aim to inspire independence, friendship, social networking, emotional and physical wellbeing, and employability. They also aim to meet each person’s social and learning goals.

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