Parking permits

We have introduced a new type of parking permit to tackle the theft of blue badges from disabled drivers' vehicles.

This permit is known as the companion badge and can only be used by the vehicle displaying the associated registration number.

The permit can only be used within the borough of Croydon.

Who is eligible for a badge?

To qualify for a badge you must:

  • be a resident of the London Borough of Croydon
  • hold a current Blue Badge issued by the London Borough of Croydon.

Cost of a badge

The cost is £30 and this is to cover the administration charge.

There is a limit of one badge per blue badge holder.

Please note there is a surcharge of 1.65% if you pay by credit card.  There is no surcharge for debit cards.

How do I use my badge?

When displaying your badge you must ensure:

  • that it is clearly visible at the front of the vehicle
  • that the clock is displayed at all times.

Where can I park?

The companion badge allows the holder to park:

  • in pay & display only bays
  • in shared use bays
  • on single and double yellow lines for up to 3 hours

except where there is a:

  • loading and unloading ban
  • stopping restriction
  • footway parking ban.

The companion badge is only valid within the borough of Croydon. Do not attempt to use it anywhere outside of Croydon.

How do I apply?

To apply for a companion badge, download and complete the application below. Do not send your blue badge with your application, a photocopy of both sides of the badge and your vehicle registration document (v5)/motability lease agreement are required.

The companion badge will expire on the same date as your existing blue badge expires. It is the permit holder's responsibility to ensure they renew their permit in good time.

Contact Details

Parking Permits Section
Telephone 020 8726 7100 Ext.60861
Minicom 020 8760 5797
Address Parking Services
PO Box 1462
Croydon CR9 1WX

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