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Press Release - Mon, 09 Jan 2012

Planning revisions open to public scrutiny

Revisions to the most important planning policy document for the future of Croydon have prompted the council to make it available for representations from members of the public.

Following three rounds of public consultation since 2009, the council will soon be ready to take its Core Strategy & Proposals Map to a government-appointed planning inspector before going to a formal "examination in public" process.

The Core Strategy provides the spatial vision, strategic objectives and planning policies for Croydon until 2031.

This final publication is residents' chance to let the council know if the document and the policies contained within it are justified, effective, consistent with national policy, and in general conformity with regional policy.

However, in light of updated evidence on the viability of affordable housing and representations received on the strategy's policies concerning tall buildings and community facilities, the council is proposing a number of revisions.

The affected policies are:

  • CS2 (Affordable Homes)
  • CS4 (Tall Buildings)
  • CS5 (Health and Wellbeing)

Representations about the proposed revisions are invited, and must be made between 16 January and 27 February.

Councillor Jason Perry, cabinet member for planning, transport and sustainability, said: "The policies will guide development over the next 20 years to make sure that we have the homes, shops, jobs, schools, health, leisure and other essential facilities we need to make life enjoyable.

"It's important, therefore, that people who live and work in Croydon have a chance to see what's proposed, and to make their thoughts and observations known to the council."

The revisions may be viewed:

For paper copies and alternative formats, email or call 020 8407 1385.

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