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Press Release - Mon, 09 Jan 2012

New development means new facilities for Croydon

New schools, community facilities, better transport, and improved parks and open spaces are set to come on line as Croydon Council takes the next step to establishing its first community infrastructure levy (CIL).

Under the published proposals, the backers of most new building developments will be required to make a financial contribution toward new or improved facilities required by Croydon's growing population.

Comments on the draft proposals are invited prior to their going before an independent examiner for scrutiny in the summer. The consultation runs from 16 January to 13 February.

The council wants to ensure that additional funding for schools, parks, transport and other needs can be provided without generally slowing investment or preventing new development coming forward.

It hopes that the new system to fund Croydon's needs will start in 2013. It will be in addition to the Mayor's levy, due to start in April, and raise funds to help pay for Crossrail.

The CIL is designed to be paid by developers and/or landowners benefiting from planning permission, once development actually starts on the ground.

Councillor Jason Perry, cabinet member for planning, transport and sustainability, said: "The community infrastructure levy is another means by which Croydon's forward-thinking regeneration plans can be further expanded.

"Under its provisions, each new development that gets under way will contribute to the sorts of facilities from which the residents of Croydon will benefit.

"Everybody's a winner because the borough will be getting greatly improved facilities alongside high-quality new-builds."

Details of the draft proposals can be found at:

Paper and alternative formats of the documents are available on request from the council's spatial planning service at Taberner House or by calling 020 8407 1385.

All representations must be received by midnight on 13 February.

For more information, call Leigh Herington on 020 8407 3203.

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