Press Release Ref : 4475
Press Release - Mon, 12 Dec 2011

Christmas parking in Croydon

Restrictions in the borough's parking bays and surface-level car parks are to be relaxed on specific days over the Christmas and New Year period, making it easier for people to visit shops, enjoy the displays of festive illuminations or to drop in on relatives to pass on the seasonal cheer.

Croydon Council has decided that the whole borough will be free of parking enforcement on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Additionally, there will be no enforcement of the usual parking regulations in all on-street parking bays and council-run car parks on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

Yellow-line restrictions, however, will remain in place on these two days, and motorists are advised to park in a reasonable manner, showing consideration for other road users and pedestrians.

Councillor Phil Thomas, cabinet member for environment and highways, said: "As we do at this special time of each year, we're taking the opportunity to give a little back to the residents of, and visitors to, Croydon by cancelling parking charges on the allotted days so they can take advantage of all the borough has to offer.

"All we'd ask is that motorists act in a sensible and thoughtful way, ensuring that, when they leave their car, they do so in a manner that's not going to be a nuisance or hindrance to others."

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