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Press Release - Tue, 30 Aug 2011

Leader announces new Family Support Fund

Croydon Council is today making available up to £100,000 to help those families directly impacted by the recent civil unrest in the borough.

The Family Support Fund will be made available immediately from the council's reserves, and will be released to help support those families who were made homeless during the riots on August 8.

These funds will be used to help and support those families in the widest possible terms and the council will be working with them over coming days to assess their immediate needs and priorities.

The council re-housed more than 100 people in the immediate aftermath of the civil unrest that also hit other parts of London and England. Some of those families lost everything, including treasured possessions and everyday essentials.

Work has already begun with our residents. Council staff are speaking directly to each family to find out what they need - and then making sure appropriate financial support is given.

Council Leader Mike Fisher said: "By making this new money available I hope we can make a small difference to families who have lost everything and had their lives changed indefinitely by mindless looters."

"If they need money to help buy school uniforms, we will help. If the temporary home we've placed them in is more expensive than their previous one, we will support them to meet that rent while a more sustainable alternative is found. These extraordinary circumstances will not stop us from delivering the support our residents need.

"The devastation we saw in our town earlier this month has shown us both the worst and the best of Croydon. At worst, it was awful - but at best, it is awe-inspiring. That's what I want us to focus on now. Thousands volunteered to help with the clean up. Thousands more have joined social networking groups supporting the borough. Charities and voluntary groups have sprung up from nowhere. This is Croydon at its best, and words can't describe the spirit these people have generated among our community. I take my hat off to them."

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