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Purley Way West

Purley Way West is on the edge of a large open area that used to be Croydon Airport.  The Airport, which closed in 1959, was where Amy Johnson started her solo flight to Australia, the first such flight made by a woman.  She took off in her Gypsy Moth bi-plane.  In 1980 the Aerodrome was temporarily reopened to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the journey.

Part of the area is being developed as a chalk meadow.  The area is adjacent to, and joins, Roundshaw Park in the London Borough of Sutton and both areas have a wide variety of wild flowers, butterflies, moths and birds.

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Purley Way West
Telephone 020 8726 6900
Fax 020 8760 5622
Email parks@croydon.gov.uk
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