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Welcome to Croydon Council's job search site. Here you can find the latest vacancies on offer and apply online.

Jobs with council partners

Croydon Council works with a number of different partners to deliver services to the borough. To find current vacancies with our partners, please use our partners job page.

Working for Croydon

With a workforce of over 10,000 staff, including teachers in schools, Croydon Council is the largest employer in the borough. Spending over £900 million per year, the council makes a significant contribution to the local economy, providing a large number of services for local people, businesses and visitors to the borough, including services for children and adults, environmental, cultural, sports, housing, planning and benefits services.

The council is always looking for committed and talented people who can work in partnerships to deliver exceptional service to the community. One team, proud to serve, openness, talent, difference and excellence are the values our staff chose to be the lifeblood of Croydon Council.

Apprenticeship opportunities

Our apprenticeships offer 12-month training contracts open to young people aged 16 plus living in the borough of Croydon. To find out more visit the apprenticeship opportunities webpage.

Croydon Council employees

If you already work for Croydon Council, then use our existing employee job search.

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