Reducing waste

Reducing waste equals a better future for our environment

When waste is put into landfills, it permanently buries valuable resources that could be used to make new items. Therefore burying waste in landfill sites is not sustainable. Sustainable living is defined as 'living today with the future in mind'.

By recycling our rubbish or making sure that we produce less in the first place, we are saving the use of virgin resources such as the world's forests and minerals. This can have a far-reaching positive effect on the world's environment.

The benefits of recycling

Recycled glass in Croydon is used in road building instead of using mined aggregates. Recycled paper is made back into card and recycled tins and cans end up as new tins and cans or are used in the manufacture of goods such as cars and trains.

Our commitment

We are committed to encouraging everyone to think more carefully about the waste they produce and discard. Reducing the volume of waste is an important first step. The next step is for us to keep on recycling waste and re-using unwanted items.

We aim to increase public awareness, so residents can become even more actively involved in waste minimisation and recycling.

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