Air quality review and assessment in Croydon

UK local authorities carry out reviews and assessments of air quality in their area every three years. This involves measuring air pollution in their area to predict how it will change in the next few years.

The review aims to ensure the national air quality objectives are achieved throughout the UK by the required deadlines. These objectives have been put in place to protect people's health and the environment. Areas where these objectives will not be met must be declared an air quality management area. An air quality action plan is then put in place to improve the air quality.

For more information visit the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (defra) website.

Air quality review and assessment

Computer modeling is used to monitor air pollution levels and to predict current and future air quality in the parts of Croydon that do not have a monitoring station. This helps us measure how much action is needed now to improve air quality in a few years time.

The fifth review and assessment of the air quality in Croydon was completed in 2012 it concluded that:

  • For carbon monoxide, benzene, 1, 3-butadiene, lead, sulphur dioxide and PM10 there is no significant risk of exceeding the objectives within Croydon.
  • For nitrogen dioxide (NO2), recent monitoring results from roadsides within Croydon confirm that concentrations continue to exceed the objectives where there is relevant exposure.

Air quality management area orders for Croydon

The whole borough of Croydon is an air quality management area for annual mean nitrogen dioxide and hourly nitrogen dioxide objectives.

Air quality action plan

Our latest action plan covers the period 2012-2017. This document is currently under consultation however a summary can be downloaded below, or by requesting a copy from the Pollution Team.

Air quality action plan progress report

A progress report on the air quality action plan is completed on an annual basis. The 2012 progress report provides feedback on the progress made with respect to the 2007-10 action plan, both documents can be downloaded below.

Additional study of air quality in Croydon: source apportionment

The concentration of a pollutant at a given point is made up of contributions from numerous sources of different types and can be investigated by a source apportionment study. This was completed for Croydon in 2010 and can be downloaded below.

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