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Woodlice thrive in moist conditions and are mainly found outdoors in cool dark places such as under paving stones, flower pots and amongst rotting leaves. Inside dwellings, woodlice are often found under kitchen sinks and in bathrooms.

Are they harmful?

Woodlice are harmless and despite their name, do not damage wood found inside dwellings.

How can I control them?

Sealing entry points can be useful, in particular fit draught excluders around doors and windows and remove flower pots that are positioned close to the house wall. Increasing the room temperature will kill off woodlice. They can be controlled using a residual based insecticidal spray available from garden centres, DIY stores and hardware shops. Please ensure that you follow the manufacturer's safety instructions when using insecticides in you home.

Further advice

If you need further help, please contact our private sector housing team.

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