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Mealworm beetles are commonly found throughout Britain and often associated with birds' nests or found infesting long standing stored foodstuffs. They can fly and are attracted to artificial light.

Are they harmful?

These pests are not considered to be harmful. Their presence may indicate the need for increased hygiene and to remove infested foods.

What is their lifecycle?

Female beetles' can lay up to 500 eggs over a period of weeks, larvae emerge after 2 weeks and feed on any available foodstuffs. They are a slow breeding pest; the adult beetles evolve over 1-2 years. They can reach a size of 28mm in length.

How can I control this pest?

Removing infested food sources and old birds' nests will help. For small infestations, you can purchase a crawling insect spray from garden centres, DIY superstores and hardware shops. Please ensure that you follow the manufactures safety instructions when using pesticides in your home.

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If you require any further information, please contact our private sector housing team.

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