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About bed bugs

The bed bug is a human parasite. It is a round, flat insect approximately 4mm in diameter and of a rich mahogany (reddish brown) colour.

Bed bugs are found mainly in bedrooms. They live in bed linen, behind headboards, under mattresses, behind pictures, under loose wallpaper or similar locations. At night, they leave their hiding place, seek out a suitable host (for example, a sleeping human) and feed by biting and sucking blood.

Bed bugs usually enter a house through the introduction of infested bedroom furniture or bed linen. They can also be carried around on outer clothing.

You should be wary of buying or introducing old bedroom furniture or linen into your home unless you are sure of its source or have had it cleaned thoroughly beforehand.


A bed bug infestation requires professional treatment. The infested room and furniture need to be sprayed with a suitable insecticide. You can book an appointment with the council's pest control contractor or with a pest control contractor in your area. They are listed in the Yellow Pages and similar directories.

Click on the "Introduction" tab at the top of this page for details of the current cost of treatment by the council's pest control contractor.

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