Trees and landscape introduction

Woodlands, trees and hedgerows are important for nature conservation, their visual contribution to the landscape and their environmental value. The trees in the borough help to make Croydon an attractive place to live, work and visit.

The local planning authority has specific powers to preserve trees by issuing tree preservation orders. In addition, special provision applies to trees within council-designated conservation areas.

Trees form an integral part of the local environment and help to screen, soften or enhance new buildings. The council will resist development proposals that result in the loss of valued trees, especially those preserved by a tree preservation order.

Tree preservation orders

Tree preservation orders are issued by the local planning authority to preserve trees and woodlands. They prevent trees from being pruned or removed without the formal permission of the council. Generally, the trees granted a tree preservation order must be under threat and considered to be publicly prominent. The local planning authority can preserve individual trees or trees that are in groups, areas or woodlands.

To apply for permission to work on a preserved tree you must complete the application form for tree works. You can download the form and guidance notes on completing it below.

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