How to get permission to work on a preserved tree

You must get permission from the local planning authority before pruning or felling a preserved tree. To find out if a tree is preserved contact the development management team (see below).

To apply for permission to prune or fell a preserved tree complete the application form below and return it to development management. You can also download guidance notes on how to complete the form.

It is often helpful to get advice from a professional when completing the application form and to obtain a quote for the proposed work. You can download a directory of reputable tree contractors below.

Applications for the pruning or felling of trees are considered on their own merits so it is important that you complete all sections of the application form. An incorrectly completed from will be returned.

There is currently no application fee.

What happens once your application has been decided

Permission to prune or fell your trees will normally be subject to conditions, which will be included on the decision notice the council issues once your application has been determined. It may be useful to contact a tree contractor once you receive your decision notice to ensure all the conditions will be complied with (see below).

Should your application be refused you may appeal the decision. Information on how to make an appeal will be included with your decision notice.

Contact Details

Development management
Department Development and environment
Telephone 020 8726 6800
Address 6th Floor, Zone A/B
Bernard Wetherill House
8 Mint Walk
Tree preservation order enquiries
Telephone 020 8726 6800

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