Where can I get advice about special educational needs?

The first person you should consult about special educational needs in relation to your child is their class or form tutor - who should have a good idea of whether your child has a special educational need and how it may be affecting their learning.

Every school also appoints one member of staff to be the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO). The SENCO is responsible for recognising and planning support for SEN across the whole school. In some schools, the SENCO may be known as the inclusion manager.

For most children, the school is well placed to identify and provide appropriate support for their pupils and funds have been delegated to them for this purpose. But occasionally there is a particular issue or concern where it may be helpful for a parent to seek advice from elsewhere for example, in identifying a suitable school placement or because you would like more information about a particular type of need or a service.

The Croydon Parent Partnership Service offers advice on local SEN issues, the statutory process relating to SEN and national organisations.

They also provide drop-in advice sessions for parents.  Details of the current advice sessions can be found in the "Drop-in advice Sessions" document in the downloads section at the foot of this page.

Croydon's Parent Partnership Service is run by Family Lives.

Teenagers with disabilities or SEN and their parents can get advice on support and options post-16 in our guide to transition.

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