Consultations and customer engagement

  • Engagement finder
    Your voice is important to us and we welcome your opinions when making decisions about the future of the borough. Here you can have your say on Croydon's consultations and engagements.
  • Webcasting
    Here you can tune in or catch up on the council and cabinet meetings, where decisions about Croydon are made. The next webcast is due today at 6:30pm.
  • Online petitions
    We welcome and recognise that petitions are a way in which people can let us know their concerns. Here you can start, review or add your name to Croydon petitions.
  • Croydon news
    Here you can keep up to date with all the latest and recent council news headlines. You can also access an archive of press releases and find more about Croydon.
  • Public access planning register
    Here you can search for information about planning applications/appeals in the borough. You can register to track applications, save searches and submit comments.
  • Resident involvement
    There are lots of ways for council tenants and leaseholders to get involved with the council. Here you can find out more information, including resident involvement news and housing services forum.
  • Social media:

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